Sailor Mercury night in kayleepond's room!!! I adore “Sailor Moon”so this is a no-brainer for me :D This is only the second time she's done this particular cosplay on MFC. The last time was on Halloween of last year which I missed. So I was even happier that I was able to see it this time around.

I’m always SO impressed with her costumes, they never disappoint!

(I was so into the show that I forgot to get more screen shots!)

Yes, “Music Video Re-Enactment” night in kayleepond's MFC room is extremely fun! She took on my challenge for Sinead O'Connor's “Nothing Compares” and nailed it! (Luckily for me she’s always a good sport)

Always a good excuse for me to gaze into her eyes :D

An Impromptu Cam by Candlelight time in kayleepond's room on MFC! She looks stunning in these screencaps from her show last night. Thanks for making it a special show last night, Kaylee! :) Sometimes things turn out just as they’re supposed to.

kayleepond's Puppet Pal show on MFC was so amazing! She always finds new was to astound me with her creativity! I'm a bit partial to the Puppet Pal she made one of me :D. Thanks to Always_Tim, I was able to be a part of the cast! Which included Kaylee, Ms Donkey, myself and Tim. (Let's not forget our villain of the story Faykee Charade).

  This show was the culmination started months ago, when the puppets were first dreamed up and tipped for by Always_Tim. Then continued during a Co-Op Storytelling show where we were all able to tip to create the script. Tonight was the brilliant performance by Kaylee herself!

She will be doing it again, and it’s not one to be missed!!!!

The amazing kayleepond is at it again. Once again showing her amazing creative side! It’s “Shrinky Dink” night in her room on MFC! This is a pic of a recreation of a Dalek body art she did a while back!

Edit: I added the picture of the original body art for comparison. it’s an important body art since her body art has evolved from simple names to wonderful works of art because of that one little Dalek


How about some boobs for the day, huh? :)

I love this for so many reasons…I can’t get enough of Kaylee. Simply captivating

KayleePond as Poison Ivy!!!!

Her costume tonight on MFC is amazing. She is the perfect Ivy. So beautiful and enchanting!

I’m glad I was able to pop into Kaylee Pond’s room on MFC tonight! She had a special Valentine’s Day show where I was able to get a heart with our initials in it!

Of course I chose to have it placed over her heart (cheesy, I know, but I’m an unapologetic sappy cheese-ball)

Yes, kayleepond is the most beautiful woman in the ‘Verse

Yes, kayleepond is the most beautiful woman in the ‘Verse

Yes, kayleepond's “gamer face” is absolutely adorable!

(she’ll probably hate me for this post, it may disappear quickly)